Length: 12'3" 
Width: 6' 1" 
Height: 10' 
Engine: Subaru EJ25-165 hp
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Fuel Capacity: 23 gal
Fuel Consumption: 6.5 gph at cruise
Rotor Diameter: 30' - 2 blade
Dry Weight: 900 Ibs. 
Useful Load: 600 Ibs. 
Gross Weight: 1,500 Ibs.


Minimum Take-off Ground Roll: 100' 
Normal Take-off Ground Roll: 300'-500' 
Landing Roll: 0-30' 
Rate of Climb (ft./min.): 650' 
Speed - Maximum (Vne): 100 mph
Speed - Cruise: 75 mph
Service Ceiling: 10,000' 
Endurance (with 1/2 hour reserve) at cruise: 3 hours

Quick Build Kit

The SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick Build Kit is an Amateur-Built (also known as home-built or kit-built) aircraft, built by individuals and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as "Experimental." The Experimental designation has been in existence for more than half a century. It defines aircraft that are used for non-commercial, recreational purposes such as education or personal use. Currently, more than 33,000 amateur-built/home-built aircraft are licensed by the FAA. While some of these are truly "home-built" by individuals, others, such as the SparrowHawk III, are built from proven, carefully engineered kits with an established safety record.

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